Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five for Friday..Back to School edition

It's Five for Friday...on Saturday time again and this week's highlights are all I will admit I've been excited to organize my room and get everything ready for my new little minis next week.  What I love about the beginning of school is that everything is in it's place and new and shiny and perfect...for about 5 minutes and then the reality of Kindergarten sets in...crayons on the floor, broken crayons, a few students start to peel their name tags off of their table, they want to know where the toys are and just like that my little Kindergarten utopia has been overrun by...well.. Kindergarteners.  Yikes! 

I'm still in the process of getting my classroom ready.  My students come next Monday and I'm very thankful because I have SO much to do to get ready for them.  Here's what's been going on this week.

 This is what my class room looked for a couple of days. They've been waxing the floors at school for the last couple of weeks and because I'm already in a mad beginning of school rush I've insisted on coming in and working around them.  It's been a little difficult since most days I've been confined to a very small corner of my room.  So I cleaned out some desk drawers and filing cabinets and tried not to pay attention to all of the other projects I wanted to do.  It was torture.
I stayed away a couple of days while my floor was being waxed.  I walked back in, ready to put my room back together and I found this...
Our new reading curriculum came and all of the Kindergarten boxes were stacked in my room.  Luckily the two teachers on our adoption committee came in and separated the boxes.  I also unpacked my boxes and put them all away.
I went to some professional developments this week for new materials we are getting and also for Kindergarten teachers.  I don't have any pictures of that because there really wasn't much to take pictures of.  Except lots of people sitting in desks and listening to the presenters.  Usually all of the information is overwhelming to me and I start to panic about all of the things I MUST do but I didn't feel overwhelmed for once so that was nice.  There are still more trainings and workshops to come so there will be plenty of time to panic ;)
I'm really excited about these.  Our incoming Kindergarten students are always invited to the school two days before they start to meet us and get familiar with the classroom.  I like to send my students postcards to invite them because as a kid I loved to get mail and who doesn't want to get mail from their Kindergarten teacher?? I found these on teachers pay teacher...FOR FREE. and I love them.  The ones I have say Welcome to Kindergarten but there are other grade levels available if you don't teacher Kindergarten.  
This is the front.
This is the inside.
Aren't they cute?! 
If you like them you can find them  HERE

I have a calendar every school year.  One on my desk, on my phone, one I take everywhere with me, and probably a couple of others that I can't find.  The problem is I always buy the pretty, fancy calendars but I never use them the way I should.  Then I get overwhelmed by meetings and I never know where I'm supposed to be and I get mad and frustrated and disgusted by my own disorganization.  I want you to pay close attention. THIS calendar is about as plain as they come.  No designs or designer calendars this year.  I've decided I'm going to focus more on what goes in the calendar than what's on the front.  Hi my name is Devon and I may slightly have a problem with self organization.  

So there you have it.  This time next week I'll be scrambling to get everything in place for my first day.  I can't believe I'm starting my third year of teaching already.  Time goes by so fast.  When do you start school?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five for Friday...again

Let's face it.  My summer blogging activity has consisted of Five for Friday...Five for Friday...more Five for Friday...and pretty much...Five for Friday.  If it wasn't for Five for Friday there would be no summer blogging.  It's a sad story I know.  Want to hear an even sadder story? We start school in two weeks.
That probably sounds really selfish doesn't it?  If you're not a teacher you probably think it is.  If you ARE a teacher you probably feel my pain and then some.  The good news is that in between the days spent working in my classroom, attending workshops and professional developments, taking a grad class, getting ready for a new reading textbook series, AND achieving my goal of reading the books by Marcia Tate and Jan Richardson that I waited months to start...I have managed to squeeze in some fun.
I hope you noticed my list of teacher activities I've done this summer.  I know that a teacher's "summer vacation" is often frowned upon but honestly without it, I would have hard time making it through that list and making it through that list is what makes me a better teacher so I don't apologize.  Rant over.  Here's what's been going on this week.

Over the weekend I spent some time with some friends and my family in honor of my moms's birthday.  One of my very special friends, Lauren and her husband Eric spent some extra time with me.  Not only are they both teachers but they both start back to school this week.  Talk about a sad story.  This is Lauren and I at Pies and Pints. 
Our weekend consisted of pizza, pizza, and more pizza. I have no complaints because I LOVE pizza and "Which pizza do we like best" is one of my favorite games.  It's very easy to play.  The object of the game is to try as many different pizza establishments as possible and determine which one you like best.  There is rarely a winner. Sometimes I forget which was better so we have to go back and start over. Sometimes it's a tie so then we have to go back to our favorite places for a tie-breaker.  It's and endless job...and very difficult one at that! ;)

Here is an example of our weekend pizza adventures. This is the berry desert pizza at Mountain State Brewery. I apologize that I was not able to snap a picture of it in all of its glory and perfection.  I could barely snap a picture period because the minute the pan it our table Lauren and I dove into it like we hadn't eaten in days.  It is simply amazing.  Pizza crust, berry mixture, berry sauce, and the cherry on top is the brie cheese.  I have no words people!  Eric doesn't like brie cheese so it was fortunate that we didn't have to fight him off for it. However he must have been under the weather or something because no one in their right mind dislikes brie cheese.  Or any cheese for that matter.  Maybe Limburger cheese? I don't know I've never had it.
Remember this? 
It is the picture that's haunted me all summer.  The two books that have kept me occupied and kept me away from the list of others I wanted accomplish.  Well, no luck yet on the Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites.  I'm still 20 pages until the finish line BUT I did finish Gone Girl!  Many people described the book and/or movie as disturbing and graphic.  I would just say that it was weird.  The story was weird, the ending was weird, it was just...weird.  Don't get me wrong.  It was good. It kept my attention but it was just strange.  I can't really explain it.  I'm sure that those of you that agree that it was both disturbing and graphic also saw the movie and I'm sure the movie was graphic.  I could tell that by just reading the book.  I didn't get that same graphic feeling from just reading though.  I will say that I was on several different vacations this summer and I did get an eerie feeling every time I walked into a gas station bathroom.  I many never look at one of those the same again.
Once in a blue moon..there is a blue moon.  Okay that was a pretty weak joke but it's a true statement.  Last weekend was in deed the blue moon.  Do you know what a blue moon is?  It is NOT a full moon that is the color blue.  Did you think it was?  It's okay.  That's what I thought it was. Actually a blue moon is the term used when there are two full moons that occur in the same month.  I heard the story of why it is called a blue moon on the news and also when the next blue moon will be but I forget both of them and you've probably heard enough about my weekend as it is.  Anyway I really wanted a picture of this blue moon. So I waited outside until it the moon was high enough above the tree line that I could see it in full view.  Everyone else went to bed and left me to my endeavors alone.  So I listened to 80s station and waited by the fire and randomly played on my phone.  I looked up just as the moon had risen above the trees only to realize that the clouds had covered it.  Big disappointment.  So I waited a little while longer and got this shot.  Long story short.  It took me a very long time to get this picture so I hope you enjoy it.

How was your week?