Saturday, February 13, 2016

FrF Lying Groundhog Edition

Happy, snowy Saturday.  I think snow has been a major part of my posts for the last 3 weeks.  You know it's time to seriously reevaluate your sanity when you trust a rodent's prediction on the length of winter but let. me. tell. you. when I saw those signs behind Phil that said "no shadow" I was leaping with joy!

 Pure joy.

I'm talking J-O-Y JOY!

 It's only because we spent the last two winters here in the polar vortex.  Anyone remember that?  Arctic blast after arctic blast after arctic blast.  It was cold! Really cold.  Even for us.  I was so hopeful for a mild winter and early spring.  Sadly we were hit with more snow this week and they were threatening another storm this coming Sunday night but now they're not sure if it will just be rain or snow or rain and snow or ice and snow or anything at all.

Oh the humanity!

On Saturday some of my mom's wonderful former students hosted a benefit dinner for her.  She has received so much love and support since her diagnosis with breast cancer and it has made such a difference in her journey.  Last week we celebrated the end of her final chemo infusion for this part of her treatment.  She and my dad were not able to make it to the dinner on Saturday so I went to see everyone and say thank you for everything they continue to do for her.

On Tuesday, you guessed it, it snowed.  AGAIN.  About 8 inches which seems like a few flurries compared the 2 feet a couple weeks ago but still.  The favorite phrase around here has become "I'm so over winter."  No one I know is a big fan of Phil right now.

As you can imagine the amount of time we spent in school this week was limited with all of the snow. Somehow we found time to finally celebrate our 100th day.  We did some math centers with 100 objects.  Cup stacking was the favorite.  It was really interesting to watch them.  They were so excited when I put the cups in front of them then they looked at me and said "how are we going to build with all of these cups?"

We exchanged Valentines yesterday.  Valentine's Day is actually on Sunday and all of the teachers at my school decided that we would much rather celebrate on the Friday rather than Monday.  It was a good decision.  Each of my little minis decorated their own Valentine bag.  We loaded their overflowing bags into their backpacks as the headed out the door for the weekend and as I was cleaning up I found that 4 students forgot to hand out their Valentines.  I guess we will be celebrating on Monday anyway.

One of the best things about teaching Kindergarten is that I get to be everyone's favorite teacher.  Mostly because I am their first teacher and I have no competition. However I'm pretty sure for most of them I will always be the favorite.  Every year our awesome PTO does a Valentine themed fundraiser and sells "heart grams."  I received heart grams from three of my students from previous years.  There is no better feeling as a teacher than to know your former students still love you.

So that's it for this week.  Lying groundhogs, snow, and lots of chocolate.  Here's hoping next week brings some warmer temperatures.  Is it possible to give up snow for lent?


  1. That was so kind - the dinner for your Mom. I hope she's feeling ok. We live north of Boston, MA, and we're getting that polar air now, too. The snow and bitter cold certainly make the meteorologists happy! Ms. G. - the state groundhog - saw her shadow - six more weeks of winter for us! Happy weekend!

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