Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five for Friday...the Great Dig Out

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up...suddenly...without warning...and you're not sure what day, time, or century it is?  Then you start to panic because you think it's probably Saturday but what if it's not and how did you forget to set your alarm and you don't want to look at your phone because you're afraid that it in fact won't be Saturday it will really be Friday or even worse...Tuesday?!?!?!

Well...that was me this morning.  I literally jumped up in bed, looked around to see how much light was coming through my windows, and tried to make my semi-sleeping brain think as fast as it possibly could to figure out whether or not it was the weekend.  We had three snow days and two half days of school this week so in my defense I had a good reason for my panic attack this morning.    
Winter storm Jonas brought all kinds of crazy to the east coast over the weekend and left us all in a state of confusion.

Snow.  Snow.  and you guessed it.  More snow.  We were all gearing up for the big storm Friday morning.  School was canceled.  Some local businesses and universities we set to close early.  There was literally no bread left of any of the shelves in the grocery stores.  We were all prepared and by mid morning on Friday there wasn't even a drop of snow.  Not a flake, not a flurry, NOTHING.  Everyone was in disbelief and just winter storm Jonas was starting to become a running joke on social media...he STRUCK.  A steady stream of snow began late Friday afternoon and continued all the way through Saturday.  It snowed and snowed and snowed and when we thought it couldn't snow anymore.  IT. KEPT. COMING.  In the end we were left with around 2 feet of snow give or take a couple of inches.   It was crazy!
This was the measurement early Saturday morning.

So needless to say for a few days we were stuck.  Truly stuck.  The governor declared a state of emergency.  The local channels were constantly running an warning from public highway officials to please stay off the roads at all possible cost.  It was snowmageddon.  The only solution was Netflix. I decided over Christmas break I was going to go back and watch Grey's Anatomy from season 1 to present time.  BEST. DECISION. EVER.  I forgot how much I loved that show.  When we started back to school I had to give up my daily routine of Greys, Greys, and more Greys and responsible.  A couple of days in a snow storm and I'm right back on track.  

Finally, almost halfway through the week we began to dig out.  In case you're wondering, we are still digging out but the temperatures rose to about 40 degree which helped speed up the melting process.  Yes 40 degrees.  It was a heat wave people.  Let me tell you.  Here's a look at the sidewalks.

The parting of the Red Sea comes to mind when I look at this.

When I was glancing through some of last week's FfF posts I came across a very cool science experiment using snow from Teach Guide Inspire.  I loved it.  The students tested to see how clean the snow in the back yard of their school was by scooping some up and using a filter to determine if there was in fact dirt or any other particles could be found in snow that APPEARED to be clean.  You can check out her post and get everything you need if you want to do this with 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade class.  In in Kindergarten we did it as a whole group activity.  We talked about eating snow, made predictions about whether or not the snow was clean, and then performed our experiment. 

 My kids were amazed at what they found in the coffee filter the next day.  I'm hoping that they think about that before they take another bite out of the snow.  I just realized I forgot to write the word filter on our chart!! Teacher Fail!  Forgive me.  I was so excited to do this experiment that I didn't double check my chart!
This coming Friday will be my mom's last round of chemo for this part of her treatment.  If you're just tuning in to my blog, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the school year.  She is also a teacher and we were in our normal beginning of the school year dead sprint when everything came to an abrupt stop and dramatically changed with her diagnosis.  She has been through a couple of surgeries and chemotherapy treatments for the last few months.  She is scheduled for another surgery in about a month with more treatment to follow.  She continues to handle it more gracefully than I could ever imagine.  It is not easy.  Being sick is not easy and chemo is especially nasty.  She has visited the hospital often in between her treatments due to chemo side effects and still she continues to have an incredible attitude.  This past week was her "sick week" and that coupled with the snow storm made life a little more stressful than usual.  We are all continuing to press on with that hope than in a few more months this will all be behind us.  

So there you have it.  Life after winter storm Jonas.  Honestly, after two years of crazy snow storms and negative temperatures we are ready for spring in this part of the country.  Let's hope the groundhog is on the same page! How was your week?