Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Very Unlikely...

  This is my first post with my brand new template! I'm so excited!! HUGE thank you to Kassie for working and creating with me.  I spent a lot of time looking at other blog designs and making notes of fonts and colors and graphics that I liked and after all of my research I came to the conclusion that...well...I like EVERYTHING.  Bright colors, glitter, maybe something that looks like it was written in chalk, graphics, sparkles, and oh by the way I want it to look clean and neat.  Really Devon?  I knew Kassie was in for a challenge with me but honestly it took her no time and somehow she took everything I liked and brought it all together and I'm so excited to finally share it with YOU.

If you haven't noticed already, not only has my blog design changed but so has the name.  If you know anything about me you know I'm in constant pursuit of anything new and unique.  I think my biggest fear in life to be considered boring.  Sometimes that's a goodthing...sometimes it's not.  This time though, it was an accident gone right! 

I spent all of last summer tossing around potential blog titles in my head.  I thought I wanted my blog to highlight everyday life in my classroom.  I tried every phrase I could possibly think of that I could attach the word Kindergarten to and nothing was available.  This is what I get for waiting so long to realize I needed a blog, I thought to myself.  Eventually I settled on one and I was okay with it.  I didn't love but I didn't hate it and that really bothered me.  To me the term "I don't hate it" translates to...I hate it.  I was out of ideas though and it was just going to have to do.  Then I saw the same title was being used for a 3rd grade teachers blog.  What?! How could this lady have possibly known that I would want to use that title and stole it from me long before I even realized I wanted to use it?! That was a joke in case you don't get my humor.  I know it can be a bit much sometimes.  Moving on...

So there I was with no blog design, a recycled title that I "didn't hate" and the thought “why am I doing this again” running through my head.  It was madness.  I decided at that point to put myself on the waiting list for a custom blog design.  I had done my research so I was more than ready to cram 50 of my most favorite blog URLs with a short description of what I loved the most about each design into the very small text box.  Thankfully it expanded and I was able to fit in all of my very simple requests in the box. However, I made a little mistake.  I was sure it wouldn't happen.  The form only took a few minutes to fill out and I had spent a good 2 hours on it...but it did.  I made a mistake.  I was trying to think of a catchy but truthful phrase to describe the purpose of my blog.  I thought it was going to go directly under my title that if I haven't mentioned before "I didn't hate" but when I got my first e-mail from Kassie there was my new blog template with stars and colors and curls and dots...and I titled that wasn't mine.  Here's the good news.  I loved it!!!  Even better? No one else has it.  Even, even better? It completely describes me.  I am 100% the very unlikely teacher.  I'll explain later why this me but for now enjoy the space!